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Holistic Psychotherapy

Sally Strosahl, M.A., LCPC, FAMI


Holistic and Integrative Treatment for Mind, Body and Spirit

Sally Strosahl, licensed clinical professional counselor, utilizes traditional and non-traditional therapies with the purpose of creating an integration of the mind, body and spirit to reach the deepest level of healing possible.  Patients have many choices to participate in their health at Tranquility.

Discover healing through:

  • Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy
  • MARI Balance Life Reading
  • Marriage Enrichment for Revitalization
  • Parenting Skills Coaching
  • Relationship Skills Coaching
  • Relaxation and Stress management Skills
  • Meditation and Sound Therapy


Sally uses a compassionate, yet direct and solutions- based approach that she has coined, the “bottom-line” strategy.  This strategy is effective for resolving conflict, improving communications, developing personal strengths and building healthy relationships.  Naturally overcome trauma, strained relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions or other emotional issues.


Using cards with designs and colors, developed by an art therapist, the MARI allows you to access your own intuitive wisdom, becoming your own inner “psychic”.  The MARI, based on Carl Jung’s stages of consciousness, correlates well with the Myers- Briggs test.  In the interactive interpretation of the cards you select, you will receive an in the moment “snap shot” of what is going on in your life, identifying your strengths and challenges as well as connecting with your deeper self.

This 90 minute reading also gives you a chance to make a plan for self-care and detox on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. You may receive a recorded CD of the session. Often people are surprised by how the design and the color in the stage they select can be so right on target. The MARI is an excellent practice for life review or at times of transition.


HMR quickly and non-invasively clears triggers of unresolved stored trauma without re-traumatization.  This self-healing method may be beneficial to manage chronic pain, anxiety and stress while increasing relaxation and achieving optimal wellness.


Reduce anxiety and cravings with EFT.  This technique combines tapping of acupressure points with cognitive restructuring affirmations.


For every stage of a relationship, Prepare, Enrich, Mate is an assessment inventory technique that strengthens a couple’s bond.  This technique is for couples preparing for marriage, for couples seeking to enrich and revitalize their marriage, and for couples contemplating the changes related to retirement-planning.


Guided Imagery and Music therapy (GIM) uses recorded music to access your inner wisdom and reveal solutions from the unconscious.  Focusing on specific intentions or questions, GIM is a powerful spiritual and psychodynamic journey.  As you get comfortable, breath and relax, the music begins allowing you to “travel” with the music as Sally supports and guides you.
Often people experience movie like images, themes, past life regression or memory flashbacks that bring insight and emotional release.  Even after the session ends, the music may continue in the mind, body and spirit bringing more attunement.  GIM combines well with traditional psychotherapy and often accelerates progress.

Energy Healing sessions involve music, gentle therapeutic touch, toning, crystal singing bowls, free note chimes and healing chants to balance the chakra energy centers.  Energy Healing creates a sense of well-being and alignment for optimal health.


Sally Strosahl has been providing psychotherapy and healing in the Fox Valley area for over 40 years.  She offers wisdom which flows from the experience of raising a family and being in a long-term marriage.

Sally completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 1976.  Her research focused on the relationship between stress and illness.  She continued her learning doing post graduate work in psycho synthesis, family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral solutions, and mindfulness techniques.  Sally is certified in MARI assessment, the Bonny method of guided imagery and is a level Three practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution.

In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist, Sally is a trained vocalist.

Ask Sally! Feel free to contact Sally at Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center with any questions on cost or therapy approaches.  Sally can provide you with a bill of services to submit to your health insurance company for possible reimbursement.

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