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Chiropractic Medicine

An important shift from a “crisis” mindset to a “preventative” mindset is essential. Many people wait until the pain or chronic illness they’re experiencing is unbearable before seeking help.  We must begin to realize that taking an active role in your health is the key to saving time, money, and most importantly, how you feel.  Take the time to listen to your body and do not ignore what it’s trying to tell you.  Only you can take the first step and make the decision to feel well again.  Tranquility Wellness is dedicated to serving and supporting you, every step of the way.

Dr. Emily Loveland DC, Dr. Kalli Prater DC, and Dr. Mary Tonner DC have extensive and diverse medical and wellness backgrounds, specializing in chiropractic/manipulative therapy, massage therapy and bodywork, acupuncture, Graston therapy technique, cupping and various other rehabilitation and nutritional therapies.  They understand patients’ needs and assist them in carefully examining the cause of pain, followed by effectively administrating treatment plans, while encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and stress-management practices.  The doctor’s one-on-one approach gives you the individualized attention you deserve.  Their careful consideration and interest in each and every patient is what sets Tranquility Wellness apart from other Chiropractic clinics.

What We Expect

The Tranquility Wellness staff encourages all patients to take their health into their own hands.  We expect our patients to follow the treatment protocols that are prescribed, whether it is keeping your appointment, following at home exercises/rehabilitation and self care recommendation, or complying with your Wellness/ nutritional program.  We, at Tranquility, can give you the foundation, support and guidance to recovery, but good health and habits are ultimately, in the hands of the patient.

Be Realistic

No problem can be solved over night.  And even though the pain or dysfunction may have abruptly begun, it may take some time for it to subside.  The symptoms that lead patients to the doctor are often chronic in nature and pain is usually the last symptom to develop.  Begin to shift your mindset into working proficiently toward healing the cause, so that your pain becomes the first symptom to dissipate.  It takes more than just “wanting” to feel better; it also takes “will”.  We can help you with that- it’s not always easy, but we’re here to help, you’re not alone.  Tranquility is here for YOU.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your first chiropractic appointment will last approximately one hour.  During the first part of your session, your physician will review with you your completed health history questionnaire and conduct a physical examination.  This examination may include vital signs, neurological and orthopedic testing, gait analysis, postural examination, muscle testing, and functional biomechanics.  The second half of your visit consists of “touch” diagnostics to evaluate your area of complaint and/or surrounding areas.  The use of touch allows Drs. Loveland, Prater, and Tonner to locate muscle and joint restrictions, scar tissue, trigger points and other types of dysfunction that may be contributing to your symptoms.  Depending on your presentation, a radiological exam referral may be necessary for further diagnosing.  You will be educated on all the findings and their significance.  Once a diagnosis is determined, a treatment plan will be recommended that best suits your needs.  If your condition(s) are beyond the capabilities of this office, your Tranquility practitioner will help you with a referral to the appropriate physician.

Hands-on Therapy

  • Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Chiropractic Manipulation/Spinal Manipulation or “adjustment” refers to gentle pressure, mobilization or thrust to help restore function and motion to a joint that has become restricted.  The manipulation also stimulates the nervous system to help reduce pain and relax local musculature.  The Tranquility doctors utilize several manipulative techniques, including diversified or manual adjustments, activator technique and/or toggle drop technique for the benefit and comfort of each patient.

  • Soft Tissue and Body Work

Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre-natal Massage, Joint Mobilizations and Cross Friction are just a few examples of body work offered thru Tranquility Wellness.  These techniques combine gentle stretching and soft tissue mobilizations using pressure and positioning of the body to coax muscles in spasm to relax and breakdown painful adhesions in the fascia.  These techniques can be used to ease restrictions in the fibrous bands of connective tissue, or the fascia which encases muscles throughout the body.  Sheaths of this dense and elastic connective tissue weave about blood vessels, bones, and nerves as well, forming an intricate, 3-D web that supports your organs and joints from head to toe and acts as the body’s shock absorber.

Scarring or injury to this network of connective tissue is a major cause of pain and impeded motion.  Body work aims to alleviate these problems by breaking up, or “releasing,” constrictions or snags in the fascia.

For pregnant patients, a prenatal pillow is available to allow the mother-to-be to lay face down for complete comfort and relaxation.

  • Cupping

An ancient technique has found its place in the modern world of healing.  Through suction and negative pressure, cupping releases rigid soft tissue; drain excess fluids and toxins; loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue; and bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

  • Graston Technique

This therapy is a patented instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables the break down scar tissue and soft tissue restrictions.  This technique utilizes stainless steel instruments that are designed to specifically locate and effectively treat areas that exhibit soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation.  For more information, check out www.grastontechnique.com

  • Fascia Blasting

Fascia health is significant in health and wellness. Fascia is a specialized system of the body that looks similar to a spider’s web. Fascia is very deeply woven and covers every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and vein in our body. It is a continuous head to toe, arm-to-arm, and inside-out connective tissue. Trauma, an inflammatory response, and/or surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions that can produce tension and pain. From pain management, stubborn cellulite, to sports performance breaking up fascial adhesions lessens the look of cellulite, breaks down fat cells, improves muscle performance, reduces pain and accelerates muscle recovery.

When fascia is tight or adhered it forms a grid just below the skin like a chain-linked fence. Any fat pushing through the fascia will look like a marshmallow through the chain-linked fence, which is what causes the look of cellulite. The Fascia Blaster helps break through the adhesions and works to improve the appearance of our skin.

  • Exercise Rehabilitation and Yoga Therapy

Palpation of soft tissue (skin, fascia, tendons and ligaments), muscle length, joint mobility, along with inspection of posture, gait, breath and movement patterns leads to the emergence of a picture of the patient’s major functional disturbance.  Our goal is to look for a connection between the dysfunctions and the condition to create an individualized rehab program.  Rehab may include but is not limited to, traditional stretching, yoga therapy, and postural re-education.  We encourage exercise and yoga as a lifestyle change to maintain flexibility, functional strength and endurance in avoidance of chronic limitations and pain.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the principle that there are energetic pathways, or channels, throughout the body that influence associated internal organs and structures. Energy from these pathways surfaces at various points on the body, identified as acupuncture points. Each of these acupuncture points serves as a tunnel, or access route, to the deeper circulatory channels within. Extremely fine gauge needles are inserted at selected points, stimulating these points and thereby activating the body’s natural healing abilities.

  • InLight Wellness Therapy

Infrared light therapy emits special wavelengths of light to relieve pain and discomfort. In the delivery of increased blood flow and nitric oxide, the cells of your body are replenished of their nutrients and the body can begin the natural healing process. The promotion of increased blood flow can decrease pain and inflammation in the body.

  • Ear Candling

Ear candling involves inserting a long, cylindrical candle into the ear and lighting it on the other end. Heat produced from the candle helps to draw out excess ear wax and other debris which may be present in the ear canal. Benefits of ear candling include relieving tinnitus (ringing in the ears), helping to relieve sinus pain and pressure, removing excess wax build up, assisting with relieving Swimmers` ear, assisting with headaches, relieving severely itchy ears (often caused by yeast, mould or dairy allergies) and helping to unplug ears (often due to illness).  Other potential benefits may include improved lymphatic fluid flow through the body, improved color perception, a more balanced emotional state and clearer thinking.

What type of conditions does a Chiropractor treat?

Chiropractors are known to specialize in neck and back pain.  While this is true, chiropractic care can improve many conditions, including:

  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand conditions
  • Hip, Knee, Foot & Ankle conditions
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Poor Posture
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Auto-Immune diseases
  • Prenatal / Pregnancy care
  • Auto Accidents
  • Work related injuries
  • PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Prevention & Wellness care

What will my insurance cover?

Most health insurance companies offer coverage for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.  Some even cover Acupuncture. Every insurance policy is different.  However, it is important to note that most insurance policies only cover treatments as the result of injury or illness or for conditions that are expected to improve or resolve within a reasonable length of time.    Maintenance, elective, preventative and/or wellness care are typically non-covered treatments, fees for these services are expected at the time of service.  You may request a bill of services to submit to your own flex spending account or health savings account for potential reimbursement.  Want to know more about your individual coverage? Download the Insurance Coverage Worksheet and contact your insurance company’s benefits department.

What is the cost of treatment?

The initial cost for a chiropractic evaluation begins at $100; additional treatment costs will depend on what treatments would best suit your individual condition.  More complex or serious conditions will likely require more extensive treatment.  Each case is different.

Tranquility Wellness strives to keep fees affordable as to encourage wellness and prevention.  Taking care of you now may prevent extensive medical bills in the future.  Do not rely on your health insurance to keep you well.  Your health is your responsibility!

How long will it take before I start to see improvement?

Our goal is to get you healthier.  Progress is the key! For chiropractic care, improvements may be instantaneous.  More complex conditions may take longer.  Remember to be realistic.  The Tranquility Wellness practitioners and staff are dedicated to teaching you self care and life-style changes to reduce chronic symptoms or likeliness of re-injury.  Health and wellness is an ongoing process and Tranquility Wellness is here to help you every step of the way.

Meet the Tranquility Wellness Practitioners and Staff

Dr. Emily Loveland, Chiropractic Physician began her collegiate career at Grand Valley State University just outside of Grand Rapids, MI were she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2000.  While at GVSU, she completed the athletic training program which qualified her to sit for the National Athletic Trainer’s Examination.  For the next two years she provided health care services, as the head athletic trainer, to the student/athletes of Cascade High School and Middle School in Clayton, IN.  In June of 2002, Dr. Loveland completed massage therapy training at the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts in Brownsburg, IN.  She has since worked in the spa setting, specializing in Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, prenatal, and hot stone massage.

Dr. Loveland received a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences in 2006.  While attending chiropractic school, she received certification to perform acupuncture, Graston technique, and Kinesiotaping.  She has also attended numerous continuing education courses in rehabilitation and nutritional therapies.  Dr. Loveland prides herself on providing her patients with compassionate, individualized hands on care that focuses on wellness of the body, not just treatment of the symptoms.

Dr. Kalli Prater, Chiropractic Physician–  Click here to read bio.

Dr. Mary Tonner, Chiropractic Physician and certified in Acupuncture, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Dayton in 2013 and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences in 2016. Dr. Mary grew up in Sugar Grove, IL attending Holy Angels School and Rosary High School where she was a competitive student/athlete on the swim team. Her team won the State Championship title her senior year. While swimming competitively she was diagnosed with a major kyphosis (forward curve) of her spine.  She was referred to a Chiropractor for treatment.  The “hands on” approach from her Chiropractor was very different from any other doctor visit she had ever had. Not only did her health and swimming performance improve, but the spark to learn the art of Chiropractic Medicine was ignited.  Dr. Mary’s passion is to provide the same holistic and hands on experience to her patients. Dr. Mary joined the Tranquility Wellness staff in 2017, aligning her beliefs of individualized care to each patient in an effort to prevent injury, achieve optimal performance and improve overall health through a variety of therapeutic techniques.

Donna Burg, Yoga Therapist helps to get patients active with care and healing through gentle yoga stretching and strengthening.  She provides patients with a customized yoga sequence to incorporate into your self-care routine.  Donna’s style of yoga is gentle enough for all fitness levels.

”"Out of convenience I have gone elsewhere for pedicures, I regret it every time. There is no place around town that does such an exceptional pedicure. It is obvious from the look of the polish to the longevity. Sharon is amazing and I would recommend her over and over again. Plan ahead, spend a little more and get the best pedicure in town!!"“


”As always, Tranquility surpassed my expectations.  Lovely people and first-rate services provided by well-trained professionals.  Quiet, relaxing environment.“

Nancy G.

”Incredible customer service!  The team at Tranquility clearly love their jobs as well as the people that walk through their doors each day.  I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Tranquility!“

Mollie F.

”I had the best pedicure of my life yesterday!  My nail technician was absolutely wonderful!  I've never been so relaxed getting a pedicure.  I definitely recommend coming to Tranquility for any service.  I also came in to get a massage about a month ago and my massage therapist was so great.  I don't get pedicures and massages as often as I should but I won't go anywhere else to get either service.  If I could give more than 5 stars I would!“


”I love this place!  I have been with Tranquility from the first week they opened their doors, and 15 years later, I'm still with them!  My experience with all the staff over the years has been nothing but top notch.  What sets them apart from others is the variety of services they offer and the care they take in delivering those services.  There is something for everyone.  Tranquility is a place of compassion like none other, taking care of both the body and soul.  Their commitment to utilizing all natural organic products is much appreciated.  I would definitely recommend Tranquility to my friends, and I have!“

Michelle F.