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Spa | Skin Care Treatments

Spa | Skin Care Treatments

Welcome to the cornerstone treatments of Tranquility Spa. Our expertly trained estheticians use only the highest quality products, blending the very best of nature with modern science, to achieve results that will make your skin look younger and feel healthier.

Because one size never fits all, each facial and/or peel treatment is entirely customized for your own individual skin. A “Face-Mapping” consultation allows your esthetician to hand pick the most beneficial products and techniques to achieve optimal results. Facials include deep cleansing with botanically infused warm towels, exfoliation, delicate extractions, treatment masque and soothing massage. Perfect for men or women, Tranquility’s skin care regimen is designed to reveal your most luminous, vibrant skin.

Beyond your facial and/or peel treatment, you will be educated about your areas of concern and provided with a detailed treatment plan covering product recommendations, frequency of treatments, and at home instructions for skin care maintenance between appointments.

* For first time guests, we highly recommend starting with the signature Tranquility Facial.

Tranquility Facial

The ultimate treatment for skin care maintenance and relaxation. Your face and neck will be cleansed with the Clarisonic cleansing brush to stimulate circulation and increase cell renewal, followed by exfoliation to gently remove dead skin cells. During the exfoliation process the face is steamed to soften blackheads and clogged pores for easy removal. Included is a luxurious face, neck, hand, arm, shoulder, and décolletage massage to ensure proper product absorption and promote relaxation. Hydrating serums and a nourishing masque finish off the treatment, leaving your skin renewed, regenerated and refreshed. The Tranquility Facial is beneficial for all skin types and the perfect treatment to include in your on-going skin care routine, either monthly or seasonally.


Eminence Illuminating Facial

Experience skin clarity and improved texture with this dual action exfoliating and brightening treatment. The arctic berry enzyme exfoliation will refine and smooth the uneven texture of your skin. Your complexion will appear revitalized and luminous while visible signs of aging are reduced. Your skin will be firmed and plumped with reduced inflammation and redness. You will leave with beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.


Men’s Facial

The daily aggression of shaving, pollution and UV exposure all play havoc with the skin, leaving it vulnerable to irritation and premature aging. The purifying facial is the male version of the Tranquility Facial designed to deeply cleanse the face and neck, remove impurities and re-vitalize the skin while de-stressing and relaxing.


Sensitive Skin Facial

This soothing, healing facial is excellent for skin that is prone to redness, inflammation, or sensitivity. The Sensitive Skin Facial is best for the treatment of Rosacea or skin that has become sensitized due to harsh products, over exfoliation, sun damage, or over exposure to the elements. Cleansing begins with a mild cleanser and the Clarisonic delicate brush to gently prepare the skin. A specially formulated vitamin C, Green Tea, Licorice root, and rice powder infused exfoliant is applied to release dead skin cells. Essential oils and calming botanicals are applied during a soft pressure point massage, followed by a calming, cooling seaweed masque to reduce redness, refine pores, and restore the skin’s natural barrier. Your skin is rejuvenated without irritation.


Tranquility Cleanses

Designed to meet your basic skin care needs, the Tranquility Cleanse offers the same benefits as our signature facials just on a smaller scale.  Cleanses are perfect for the person on the go or for targeting specific skin problems such as acne reduction.  Get maximum results in minimum time.
  • Adult Cleanse (20 yrs +).


  • Teen Cleanse (13-19 yrs).


  • Youth Cleanse (12 yrs and under).


Customized Peels

Help fight the effects of time, sun damage, hormonal changes, and environmental assaults. Powerful, yet non-damaging, Peels address many skin concerns such as dehydration, pigmentation, photo damage and acne. Recommended as a series of six treatments for optimal results, a Peel can detoxify, re-texture, and enhance collagen production. There may be slight peeling and/or redness for a couple days following a Peel. This is necessary to purify and revitalize the skin.

As a stand-alone service or to enhance your Facial treatment results, your Tranquility esthetician will guide you in choosing the most valuable Peel for your skin.

45 and up

CosMedix Medi-Facial

CosMedix Medi-facials are medical strength facial treatments that are gentle enough for all skin types. Customized combinations of organic ingredients are blended to cleanse, balance, gently exfoliate, extract, repair, nourish and hydrate your skin.

Utilizing some of the purest natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and skin healers, The CosMedix Medi-facial reduces free radical damage and brightens the complexion. An effective, concentrated, lightening, tightening and brightening mask is used to reveal smoother, healthier, more youthful looking skin. The Medi-facial should be repeated every 4-6 weeks for continued improvement. A course of at least 6 is recommended.


CosMedix Medi-Peels

CosMedix stand-alone peels are an intense, results-oriented way to treat problematic skin concerns. Depending on your skin type and the peel chosen by your esthetician, you may or may not be sent home with the peel on, along with instructions for at-home care and removal.
  • Pomegranate Peel- most gentle, antioxidant rich peel.
  • Blueberry Smoothie Peel- Gently refreshes and exfoliates without irritation.
  • Blueberry Jessner Peel- Clarify damaged discolored and blemished skin.
  • Purity Peel - Clarify oily, impure and breakout-prone skin.
  • Benefit Peel - Nourishing antioxidant peel for all skin types.
  • Timeless Peel - Dramatically reduce visible signs of aging.
Please note that based on your peel and specific skin type, skin may flake for about 48-96 hours after, allowing for renewed skin to be revealed.  Peel results are best seen when done in a sequence, typically every 3-6 weeks for a course of at least 5 is suggested.

65 and up

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