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The Tranquility medical practitioners provide the foundation, support, and guidance to recovery or well-being, while encouraging good health habits throughout all aspects of life with safe, natural, drug-free treatments.
Discover relief and optimum health with:
Restore and rebalance your life. The first step towards inner peace and physical relaxation is embracing what your body is telling you. Listen to your body! Tranquility offers a variety of services to address your needs and help you feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed:
Now is the time to invest in YOU.  Tranquility’s mission is to listen to your concerns about skin and nail health, individually tailor treatments, provide education on achieving your realistic skin and nail care goals, then follow-through with products and techniques for self care between treatments.  
Find your outer confidence with:
The need for breath, balance, clarity and stability is the key to a full and accomplished existence for the mind, body and spirit. Find the support needed to conquer life's challenges and help you live life to the fullest. Seek to empower yourself, find your natural rhythm and celebrate contentment in everyday life with:

The Tranquility Timeline

On September 5, 2000, Tranquility Spa opened its doors in a small section of a quaint old stone house in downtown Saint Charles, Illinois. Tranquility was a long aspiring dream of licensed esthetician, Beverly Miller. As a pioneer in the skin and beauty industry since 1976, Beverly brought to life her vision of a skincare center that focused on results oriented skincare treatments, excellent customer service and a place where women and men could feel empowered by their outward beauty.

As owner, esthetician, receptionist and solo employee of Tranquility, Beverly grew her business enough to require some help. The first Tranquility staff member was a part time receptionist that assisted with gift certificate sales during the holiday season. From there Tranquility quickly expanded by adding additional staff members and services, including a second esthetician, nail care technician, waxing specialist, and a full time front desk receptionist. Two of these original technicians are still loyal members of the Tranquility family.

By 2003, Tranquility Spa had grown out of its little space and relocated to its current location at 113 N. Second Avenue, St. Charles, IL leasing the main and lower levels. With the expansion, Beverly knew she needed help running the business side of things, so in October 2003 Loreta Lescelius joined the Tranquility family as business partner and general manager.

Over the next 3 years, Tranquility continued to grow and established a great reputation in the Fox Valley area. Once again, however, Tranquility had outgrown its space. This growth allowed for the purchase of the building and the expansion of Tranquility into all three levels. In July 2007, Tranquility Spa became a 4,000 square foot full service Day Spa with skincare as its corner stone service.

Still following their dreams, Beverly and Loreta envisioned starting a wellness center. They both practice a holistic lifestyle and wanted to share natural healing with all of Tranquility’s clients. During the renovation of the upper level, Beverly and Loreta decided to install an Infrared Sauna and Steam Shower for clients to detoxify, relax and refresh their bodies. Acupuncture treatments and Holistic Psychotherapy were also added to the wellness menu.

Tranquility Spa took yet another leap in March 2009 by becoming Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center when Dr. Emily Loveland, Chiropractic Physician joined the practice. Former athletic trainer and massage therapist, Dr. Emily introduced a unique style of chiropractic to Tranquility. Her compassion, healing touch and one-on-one outlook on patient care was a perfect fit for Tranquility.

The Tranquility Yoga Sanctuary was brought to life in February of 2010. This intimate yoga studio with radiant heat floors was converted from a two car garage. Inviting and cozy, the yoga sanctuary offers daily yoga classes of up to 8 people maximum. Tranquility has 5 yoga instructors that practice various forms of Peaceful Heart Yoga which truly values the mind, body, spirit connection. The Yoga Sanctuary is also used for yoga workshops, meditations, wellness lectures and special events.

In the spring of 2011 the final renovation took place when the unfinished parts of the lower level were transformed into two additional treatment rooms.

Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center is ever-changing and ever-growing to include new and innovative therapies. Tranquility has become a healing and peaceful haven offering skin care, natural nail care, massage therapy, chiropractic and natural medicine, acupuncture, psychotherapy, permanent make-up, yoga therapy and so much more.

Your journey towards beauty, health and wellness begins at Tranquility.

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